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What is a lesson, and how does it work?

Each lesson is broken down into steps. It starts simple, and then with each step you add another layer, working your way up to playing the complete track!

Lessons screen

Lesson Screen

Lessons can be played from the home screen, in a course, or you can browse the whole list on the lessons screen. Content is constantly updating, with new lessons every week!

Pre-play screen

Pre Play

Preview the audio, get a feel for where the notes are, get pointers on where to hold your hands. Every step has carefully crafted instructions made by our expert lesson creators.

Performance screen


This is where the action happens! Get timing feedback on every note you play. Green means on time, orange - you’re a little early, purple - you’re a bit late. Just make sure to keep it out of the red.

Step complete screen

Step complete

You nailed it! Or maybe not. Check out your score before you move to the next step.

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