Security is super important,
and we treat it that way.

Because Melodics is a subscription service, our users rely on us to keep their personal information secure, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Account creation & information storage

When someone starts using Melodics, we require them to create an account using an email address and a password, both of which the user provides. The reason we create accounts – even for non-subscribing users – is to ensure only they can access their information. The password the user creates is not stored on our servers, but is salted (one-way encrypted) and then stored - even we are unable to read that password.

Melodics collects data about the user’s use of the application, if the user allows it. This data is used to provide intelligent lesson suggestions, and to improve the application, letting us know (for example) what the most popular lessons are, whether a particular lesson has balance issues causing it to be too hard / easy, that sort of thing.

All communications between the Melodics application and our servers are secured using HTTPS. HTTPS provides authentication of the app and the web server with which it is communicating, which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. It provides two-way encryption, which protects against eavesdropping and tampering with and/or forging the contents of the communication.

We do not, and will never, share our users email addresses with anyone (see our privacy policy), and we don't send our users email (apart from responding to support requests & account management details) unless they specifically say we can.

Subscribers & credit card details

When a user subscribes to Melodics, we require them to provide their credit card details to the application. From this point, and this is important so we’ve made it big:

Melodics does not store our users credit card information.
In fact, the subscription process ensures that those details never even touch our servers.

When the user submits their credit card information to subscribe, the request is passed via HTTPS (and digitally signed by the Melodics app) directly to Chargify – an industry leading provider of payment services, who handle over $500 million a year in revenue for their customers. Chargify is Level 1 PCI-compliant, which means they maintain the highest level of security available.

Chargify validates the transaction with the user’s bank via Payment Express, an e-commerce payment processing provider with bank grade security and infrastructure, fully certified as Visa AIS and MasterCard SDP (PCI DSS) compliant at processor level.

Chargify, like Melodics, does not store any credit card details.

Put briefly:

Melodics follows industry-best standards & practices to keep our users' data safe & secure. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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