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Industry Endorsements

We've tried out Melodics since its launch, and it's a fun way to learn finger drumming - although at launch it was geared more towards music producers. With this new batch of lessons, the service becomes more relevant to DJs since of course most all controllers these days have at least one row of performance pads to mash cue points with.” Digital DJ Tips
Traditional instrumentalists have long had plenty of ways of developing their skills, whether it be on a piano, a drum kit, or a contrabassoon. But pad drummers have been more or less on their own. Melodics’ solution is to combine detailed, musically-specific lessons with real-time on-screen feedback – after all, your pad controller is most likely already connected to a computer.” Create Digital Music
Melodics is an amazing product for people that own Push” Gerhard Behles - CEO of Ableton
Melodics is moving with the times and focusing on how new producers build and create their beats and music using pads and grids.” DJ Mag
Their approach is one half game, one half audio production software and is a really handy tool for anyone wanting to learn pad drumming for production or DJing. In a nutshell, Melodics is a series of interactive lessons that allow you to progress through numerous levels and develop your skills. We've been going through these ourselves and it's definitely addictive!” Serato
Melodics makes it super fun to do that practice and learn new things because it feels like playing a game.” Mojaxx - DJ City

Artist Endorsements

In my first few sessions with the software I became better at finger drumming and had so much fun learning. Some people say I’m good at this – Melodics showed me that I’ve still got a lot to learn. And to practice on Melodics with the hardware you’re also performing on stage with is awesome.” Eskei83 – 2014 Red Bull Thre3style World Champion
I think it’s gonna help a whole new crop of people who are doing live beats and finger drumming.” DJ Day
As soon as we heard the concept we were down. It’s such a creative and innovative way of learning pads, timing, flow etc.” Thugli

Customer Endorsements

I wanted to express my gratitude for this this program. I am a newcomer to finger drumming. This is a perfect learning tool. I found out the learning curve is bigger than I thought. I also appreciate the nudge to practice daily. I will be subscribing to the full program. Thanks for developing melodics and helping to promote this art.” Corey
Thank you for doing this great app! I own an mpc and melodics is the right program for me to learn timing and "feel" for the music, very much more than just practicing existing drum loops "by ear", which I did a lot.” C-Sha
This is the best app I've ever used. Hands down. I've been looking for something like this for seven years. Thanks for making this. I'm thoroughly enjoying plugging my Axiom 25-key keyboard into this thing!” Gabe
I have been after something like this for soooo long. Definitely gonna help me take my Maschine game up a notch. Had a new mac the other day and after installing all my usual NI stuff, Melodics was my first point of call. Blew my mind how quickly its helped me pick up rhythms. Hi hats are getting tighter by the day” Ben
LOVE IT!! Best interactive game since Guitar Hero, but it's actually useful. I've bought other tutorials, watched youtube vids, but I think I've hit the jackpot with this. I'm confident I'm FINALLY going to learn how to finger drum and take my dj sets to another level. Great product!” DJ Mike Cartel

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